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Azalia Snail has a new project called LoveyDove.  I believe this is their first track & definitely their first video.

I did this little vocal thing.  I wasn’t going to bother to post it in the blog, but it got some positive feedback on Facebook.

I started working on drawing Lost Kisses #23.  Oddly I thought I had already drawn it.  Probably because I already have issues #24 & #25 already written & laid out for drawing & who would have those ready before finishing up #23?

Practiced with The Pointless Forest last night.  There’s totally something wrong with the bass rig that I’m using as it sounds like I’m always playing through a distortion pedal.  I kind of like the sound, but it’s also kind of ridiculous.  I already changed out my bass’s battery (active pickups) & that didn’t fix it.  Not sure of the next step to getting it right.  Anyway, there was a second bassist at the practice & it was interesting working with a third person (it’s been just me & Jesse most of the time for a while) & with a second bassist where sometimes he’d play high on the neck & sometimes I would & sometimes I’d do muted pops to simulate a drum sound.  It wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was interesting to get me to do something new.

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