The Pointless Forest, Remora, Wheelchairs, Live from Silber HQ

So I’d like to issue a special “screw you” to Xtranormal who say they have reinstated a free video making thing via YouTube but gets an error message every time I try to finalize a video I wasted an hour making.

Had a band practice with The Pointless Forest. There’ll be a show at the Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC) today (Thursday) & I think we’re playing first around 9:00.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it on here before, but I finally made a ramp over the stairs at my house this weekend.  So I can take my grandmother for walks in her wheelchair now & I live in a hilly area & I have to say it’s a real workout pushing her around.  It reminds me of my old job where the equipment always broke & I’d have to pull a 5000 pound dolly a quarter mile by hand & how much I liked that.

I took a bunch of potential photos for the new Remora record.  More news on it when I’ve polished up the images.

Here’s a little video from inside Silber HQ today.  No wonder so little work gets done….

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6 Responses to The Pointless Forest, Remora, Wheelchairs, Live from Silber HQ

  1. Nick says:

    SLF’s One is an amazing album. Just remembered I have not listened to that record for years though…

    • Thanks. I really need to do the follow-up record of studio recordings for SLF. I suppose my 4.5 hour drone piece probably should come under that name whenever it’s finally finished. I think it has about 20 layers now which means 90 hours in actual recording time! The critical listening phase is going to be a bitch!

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    memba draggin the lav cart? nothing like listening to turds sloshing around with every step