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I was talking to a friend of mine that also runs the label about how when I quit my job to take care of my grandmother/focus on Silber I thought being able to go from 30 hours to 70 hours …

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Etsy, Comic, Dream

So I made an Etsy page for the Silber Buttons.  It took a few hours to get it going & I guess I spent about $7 doing the listings.  If things work with the buttons, I’ll go ahead & …

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  1. hi brian says:

    i thought your logo/mascot was from spyVSspy?

    • He is probably accidentally/coincidentally. The original one was the orange one with yellow wings & a halo (from 1998) that sometimes comes up in a blurry photo in the top right of the main website. A couple years later I made the white one who is the main one that you see around. After I started using it on the early Silber releases it was pointed out to me that it was Spy vs Spy & I guess it is. Later it was pointed out to me that it was a plague doctor mask, which it also is. So yeah, it’s a mystery & my ability to know the real answer waxes & wanes over the years.

Through Strange Aeons Death May Die

So continuing yesterday’s thought, things will be all Silber.  Maybe “Death in Silberia” will be the title of the next label sampler.

So I’m looking for people to start making little Silber videos & taking photo shoots.  Now I’m not …

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