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Stuff Done

I have been slow to get things done lately.  Energy has been hard to come by, it feels like the world is trying to hold me back with house problems & sick pets & day job issues & family responsibilities.  …

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Stuff is Happening

I don’t update the blog like I used to.  Maybe one day I’ll get back to it, but I just realized I hadn’t really talked about the Kickstarter I have running that ends in a couple days.  It was kind …

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I was talking to a friend of mine that also runs the label about how when I quit my job to take care of my grandmother/focus on Silber I thought being able to go from 30 hours to 70 hours …

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Spotify, Bandcamp, Electric Bird Noise, Rllrbll, Small Life Form

Been doing some work towards getting new releases ready & working on a plan to move into requesting people listen to the Silber back catalog on Spotify when the next newsletter is ready to go out.  Which means making massive …

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Rdio, Spotify, Bandcamp, QRD, Upcoming Releases, Etc.

So as a lot of you know I have super mixed feelings about free streaming of music.  I totally understand it is awesome for the consumer.  It’s convenient & easy.  But of course it also means not a lot of …

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  1. So I’m thinking about launching a digital subscription series, here are a couple proposals I’ve come up with:
    5 in 5 – get the next 15 EPs for just $10
    Albums – get the next ten albums & receive all EPs released in interim free for $50.


Pow Wow, Star, The Independents, Spotify

Out on the road with The Independents.  It’s frustrating at time to see the low volume of people at good shows & the volume of people buying shirts over music, but it’s good to see the future for music at …

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Spotify & Music Money Today

Ned Raggett asked me to move this into a blog post so he could refer people to it, so here it is from a Facebook discussion.

Brian John Mitchell

Anyone seen these press releases some indie labels are doing about
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  1. anthony monday says:

    missed this. I certainly have never seen a cent in any of my Carta ASCAP statements from any internet plays at all, though I know they happen. It’s a mystery to me. I’m fortunate (maybe) enough that I don’t count on music for any portion of my income and it provides a decent tax write off for me, but it would be nice to see, like, $5 at some point from one of these services.

  2. The internet plays I just got on the current BMI statement I have are from a two year old record. Most of which is for Rhapsody streaming play (which I would have thought I’d get that money from Rhapsody via my digital aggregator?). I don’t know exactly how things work, but it seems pretty random as far as actually getting money from a PRO because most of the places that play indie radio (community & college stations) have tiny broadcast radiuses & often get a special license to not need to pay the PROs.

Remora, Spotify, XO, Worms

So I did some more work on my paper dolls for the Remora video.  Drew three out of five, still have to scan them in, color them, & cut them out & then find out if my camera can do …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    if it doesn’t cost the label/artist anything to be on it, i would see Spotify as free promo (i guess cdbaby puts you on there as part of their deal, not sure how working direct works out).
    Although I imagine at a certain level the artist becomes promo for Spotify as opposed to the other way around.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    also i gu ess i don’t know how spotify works either, is it just online radio like pandora? or do you get to download the songs for a subscription fee?

  3. On Spotify you get to listen to any song you want with no subscription fee. I haven’t heard an explanation of why anyone would get their pay service & in most countries about 5% of people use the pay service.

  4. As far as it being free promo, it would be free promo if people came to your music through it instead of going to it for your music.

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      well i imagine it’s supposed to work that way, like last fm or whatever. where hey i like Metallica so it’ll suggest i listen to Megadeth. So i’m sure people will go for metallica and megadeth and maybe hear some other horrible metal band from the midwest as a result potentially. so possibly promo if it works that way but from what i gather, it’s one of the weaker points of the app.

      anyways, i was reading this article about this and it made a good point that the major labels have big shares in spotify so they don’t really care about the streaming revenue since they’re making profit from the ad & subscription revenue anyways. win win for them.

  5. I hear there’s some kind of thing on it where you can check out what your friends are listening to that’s supposed to be “fun.” Yeah, the labels owning Spotify is probably the real reason Apple hasn’t bought it & closed it down yet.

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      It’s in their interest to make the company look successful even though it’s not so that their shares skyrocket. Explains why there’s been so much media support for it.

      • Yeah, it’s like Second Life. Why was that shit on the news all the time when even at my level of geekery I never met anyone that had an account they used more than the one time to find out the thing was kinda lame?