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So I made an Etsy page for the Silber Buttons.  It took a few hours to get it going & I guess I spent about $7 doing the listings.  If things work with the buttons, I’ll go ahead & put up the mini-comics & puzzle boxes as well.  We’ll see how it works as a discovery engine.  I know that having my buttons on my site isn’t really making them move too quickly.  So, we’ll see what happens.

I got a draft done for a comic about an alien with post traumatic stress disorder.  Pretty clearly inspired by a friend of mine, but you set it in outer space & it feels a little less like you’re just telling someone else’s story instead of your own.  Anyway, it’s part of a planned series with stories starring the silberspy from our logo.

Last Night’s Dream:
I get in an argument with my father that culminates in me saying, “I’m going to give you respect because the bible says I should rather than because you in any way deserve it.”  I walk out of his house without shutting the door behind me & just keep walking.  Every few blocks I turn around & he’s following half a block behind me.  I’m the one that’s an asshole.

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2 Responses to Etsy, Comic, Dream

  1. hi brian says:

    i thought your logo/mascot was from spyVSspy?

    • He is probably accidentally/coincidentally. The original one was the orange one with yellow wings & a halo (from 1998) that sometimes comes up in a blurry photo in the top right of the main website. A couple years later I made the white one who is the main one that you see around. After I started using it on the early Silber releases it was pointed out to me that it was Spy vs Spy & I guess it is. Later it was pointed out to me that it was a plague doctor mask, which it also is. So yeah, it’s a mystery & my ability to know the real answer waxes & wanes over the years.