Through Strange Aeons Death May Die

So continuing yesterday’s thought, things will be all Silber.  Maybe “Death in Silberia” will be the title of the next label sampler.

So I’m looking for people to start making little Silber videos & taking photo shoots.  Now I’m not talking about making music videos, just people buying some of these silberspy type masks & doing whatever they want.  I just ordered half a dozen of them.  I guess I’m kind of a nut sometimes.

Made some flyers for a show coming up in January.  Well, half made them.  I’m waiting to hear back from the other bands & club about if the tagline “music to get drunk to” is too much for a flyer about experimental music.

I spent a large portion of the day re-working a song from/for Remora: Mecha for a music video Bob Freville is supposed to do.  It’s the song “Collapse” (original version on Some Past’s Future), the one where I sample double muted guitar strings to make a percussion loop.  I think I actually wrote it in Nathan Amundson’s apartment in Minneapolis in 2000.  Funny the things I can remember.  Anyway, I realized I need to re-listen to Mecha a bit as my mastering skills have increased a bit since I mastered it two years ago.

Does anyone know a place where you can get short run CD-Rs in bulk cheap?  Around 50 discs with one color of ink on them?  I don’t have the inclination to burn my own CD-Rs, but I’ve gotten a few places contacting me about the recent digital releases that they want a physical to review it or play it on the radio.  So if I can get them significantly cheap & decent that would be cool.

Last night’s dream:
The girl whose name is carved on me arm is belittling me & saying I’m immoral for cheating on her, which is strange since our relationship ended 20 years ago & she’s married with children.  Still it somehow makes sense & rings true (at least in my dream state) that all other women since her have been distractions to forget her.  I notice when she’s speaking that she has a slight lisp that I’ve never heard before & staring into her mouth I see that three of her front teeth on the bottom are missing & I feel somehow responsible & a failure as a man for not protecting her & her teeth.  Now that she’s a broken doll, who would want her?  Anyone?  Me?

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