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Finally Checking It Out – Sans Soleil (Chris Marker)

Sans SoleilSo most people that have ever talked to me about movies know my favorite film is Chris Marker’s La Jetee.  It might be my favorite piece of art.  It’s not for everyone, it’s under thirty minutes & made of …

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Promute, La Jetee, Pow Wow, Malta, Long Drone

So I’m working on getting the Promute release up on the website.  They are going to be following a new pricing model I plan to start using for what has traditionally been our “free release” series.  It’s going to be …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    I’ve been thinking of ceasing with free downloads altogether, maybe just one song per album. I mean i’m going to make the album anyways out of my drive to make it but my drive to make it has nothing to do with people actually hearing it or being able to own it for free.

    While I like to give things away to people that want to hear and old fans….it really does the music a disservice i think for everybody to just offer it for free and it really doesn’t seem to be doing anything in regards to that age old argument of if more people hear it the word spreads and there’ll be more people at your shows and more people buying your album if they got to hear it first. (of course you could argue that if i released better music that would be the case but fuck you if you think that anyways :)) Seems like a load of crap in regards to reality. The people I find that really want to hear it will buy it even for little money. The rest just want it for free and not even if they’re inconvenienced by having to sign a mailing list and for those people i think if they have to stream it, that’s ok by me and if that’s too inconvenient for them…i don’t care if they hear it because obviously they don’t actually like it.

    The free way doesn’t seem to benefit me in any way except for back in the day when i’d leave free cd’s laying about a cd shop on occassions. Download cards never seem to invite people to download the music, probably because there are too many steps between that card and the music

    I mean eventually it’s going to wind up on some dl site from the east anyways so may as well let them do the work and let me try to convince you to send a dime my way.

    Having it on Spotify or Last.fm and at least making the 1cent every 10000 listens is better for me and for them (listeners) as they probably already use the free service and I may be able to buy a cup of coffee in 4 years. Most people I know under the age of 30, if they wanna check out this band they heard about typically go to youtube to find it anyways and not to the band sites.

Mini-Comics, New Music, Bubble Breaker, Tumblr, Starblazers

Unless I get some more folks contacting me requesting promos (which may happen) I’m done sending out the physical promos of the new mini-comics.  Next week I get to start doing the follow-up.

I got my comics listed on the …

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He Was a Quiet Man, La Jetee, & Owl Creek Bridge

I didn’t really get too much accomplished today.  Just worked on some stuff for QRD mainly.

I also watched He Was a Quiet Man again which is kind of a Donnie Darko/Office Space/Punch Drunk Love hybrid …

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Solder Fail & Movies

I tried to do a music soldering project, which is something I always fail at.  So I had an optical theremin kit, I seemed to solder everything together, it doesn’t make any noise.  One day I’ll have things figured out …

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