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Unless I get some more folks contacting me requesting promos (which may happen) I’m done sending out the physical promos of the new mini-comics.  Next week I get to start doing the follow-up.

I got my comics listed on the Belfry Comics Index & evidently have gotten a few new readers.

I wrote a third script for Ultimate Veggie Dog Saturn & got new drafts worked up of the other two & sent off to Jason.  I also wrote a short little script inspired by a friend’s old apartment in Chicago & La Jetee.  I think maybe I should do an anthology of comics inspired by La Jetee.  I love that film.

I’ve been working on some behind the scenes things for getting some new music up on the Silber site.  It should happen soon.  Hopefully by Monday at the latest.

I added a Bubble Breaker game to the games section of the Silber site & I also added the ability to play Silber music on all of the game pages.

I just signed Silber up on Tumblr.  I don’t know if it’s worth anything, but friend or follow or whatever the heck it is over their if you use it as it seems to not let me use my own address book to import contacts.

Martin reviewed the live action Starblazers/Yamato movie over on Finally Checking It Out.


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