Solder Fail & Movies

I tried to do a music soldering project, which is something I always fail at.  So I had an optical theremin kit, I seemed to solder everything together, it doesn’t make any noise.  One day I’ll have things figured out on this kind of thing.  Maybe it’s that I use the same soldering iron I use to fix a dryer on tiny little circuit boards.

I watched the remake of George Romero’s The Crazies.  I’d heard from a lot of people that it was good &/or better than the original.  I’m of the opinion that anyone that says that, I shouldn’t trust their taste in movies.  The intensity of the original & the bleak view on the human race were both lost so you ended up with just a pastiche.

I also watched La Jetee again & it was pointed out to me that I quote a dozen lines from the movie in my lyrics.  That it’s unintentional I suppose points to how much I like that film.

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