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So yesterday I was talking to Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) about webtraffic & stuff.  I looked at my stats for the past five years & while in general traffic at Silber seems down since 2008 (economy collapse & death …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    my theory is that with kind of blanket canvasing of the interwebs for interest you wind up hitting more people who wouldn’t be interested in what you do as opposed to targetting specific areas. don’t ask how you find those specific areas.

    I’m finding all the music people are excited about is typically soundalike of boring music i hated growing up . For example without naming names, the band that got voted in boston’s equivalent of the independent as best band from MA…sounds exactly like all of those horrible bands in the 90′s that made me want to burn the clubs down. aka pixies wannabes with annoying whiny vocals. How is Silber gonna convince people that love that music to buy their droney, dark, moody records?

    • Yeah, I mean, that’s part of why I’m trying to expand the Silber Empire a bit. People stumble across the comics or the review blogs or QRD & then they discover the music. Or maybe it’ll just be those other projects generate enough revenue on their own to subsidize the label rather than causing an interest spike in the music. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. I’m feeling relatively hopeful at the moment, though I can’t really tell you a reason why.

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Unless I get some more folks contacting me requesting promos (which may happen) I’m done sending out the physical promos of the new mini-comics.  Next week I get to start doing the follow-up.

I got my comics listed on the …

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