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Been doing some work towards getting new releases ready & working on a plan to move into requesting people listen to the Silber back catalog on Spotify when the next newsletter is ready to go out.  Which means making massive playlists.  Not sure that the embracing of Spotify really is a good idea, but those of you following Silber for any time know that I keep trying to do whatever I can to get Silber to make money for artists on the label & stories about the guy who got twenty thousand dollars to finance a tour by getting fans to loop his tracks on Spotify.  If I can get each person on the Silber mailing list to listen to one album on Spotify per month, it would be a couple hundred bucks a month & that would really make a difference around here.

I also was super happy that one of the places I work with for getting my music distributed gave me the ability to whitelist artist’s YouTube pages so their own videos won’t get taken down for copyright violation.  About time!

The guitarist comp is doing interesting.  Getting some buzz on Twitter & Facebook, but so far it’s still sitting nearly still as far as listens on Bandcamp & Bandcamp hasn’t generated any sales.  So I’m glad I tried out Bandcamp, but I really am a little disappointed that the discovery engine aspect of the site really just doesn’t seem to be working for me so far.  Maybe Bandcamp would’ve been helpful to me five years ago, but I think I kinda waited to long to jump on board with it.

There’ve been a bunch of videos I’ve been meaning to post up here for a while, so here you go.

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