Dreams of May

So as you may remember a couple months ago now I slowed down on the blog & my dreams stopped appearing in it.  I’ve still been writing them down on my memo pad & I finally just typed some of them up.

May 1, 2014
Scattered throughout the yard are small pieces of meteorite.  The bits are easy to find because they are all magnetic.  I wonder if they’ll fit together to form something if I collect them all.

My high school has asked me to do an alumni speech at graduation.  I give them the advice that if they don’t know what they should want to do, they should travel instead of going to college.

I’ve taken all of my guitar pedals out of their housings so they are just circuit boards & knobs & wires.  They are much lighter to carry, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up breaking them.

I’m watching a documentary on the careers of the actors from Growing Pains.  It’s kind of disconcerting to see them as other characters & as actual people who have less depth than their rolls on the show.

I finally finish writing the new Remora song “I’ll Bring You In.”  It feels like the first time I’ve completed something new in a decade. I have also used this site https://truabilities.com to help me in writing songs, emails, essays, and it really gives me ideas what to write. At the end, if I write anything with the help of True abilities it always comes out great at the end.

I find a stash of a dozen knives under a pile of leaves at the base of a tree in the backyard.  I’m going to need them.

May 2, 2014
The Hague.  I don’t even know where it is, but it’s a clue to my past & the key to my future.

May 5, 2014
I’m at a used bookstore in a flea market & they have a ton of mini-comics & zines from the 1980s, but they all look kind of shitty

May 6, 2014
I’m playing a church show in Portland & music has to end by 2am so everything can be struck down & the altar put back up in time for a service the next morning.  I’m running early, so when I go in for sound check I’m ushered in to sit in a pew for a vigil service.

I’m visiting the town where I went to college & on of the streets that was formerly abandoned offices is a strip of tourist trinket shops with a hippie edge that reminds me of small towns in Colorado.  Working in one of them is a guy who used to work in the record shop I went to & he still knows my name even though I have no clue of his.  He pulls a jar from behind the counter & gets out a spoon of what looks like black licorice sprinkles & tells me to try it.  It tastes like dirt, literally like the soil of the earth.

May 9, 2014
I’m in a trench & I’m not sure what war this is.  There’s a string coming out of my trigger finger that looks like a stitch coming loose so I pull on it.  Instead of just pulling loose, it struggles to stay inside the skin.  I pull harder & it is the antenna of a bug that looks like a cross between a slug & a silverfish & pulling it out destroys my finger.  I can feel more of them under my skin, hundreds more.  I’m an infestation.  I’m the enemy.

May 12, 2014
I’m on tour & when I go out to my car, someone has taken the plates off of it; which is fucking great, but there’s nothing to be done.  I start driving & it’s snowing with only one lane plowed.  I’m going as fast as I safely can so I can get off the roads before it gets worse.  All of a sudden I come up on a guy wearing winter gear walking a black lab in the cleared part of the street.  I hit the brakes, but the road is iced over & I don’t slow down at all.  I guide my car slightly to the right & manage to take out the dog & not the man, but then I see the man get hit by the car behind me in my rearview mirror.  I’m not sure what to do, because nothing can be fixed or undone & without the plates on my car it would be a big hassle to deal with the cops & there’s no way anyone could ever identify me if I just keep driving.

Me & my girlfriend are on tour with a band that has two tour buses.  Because the drummer is bringing with him some girl from the show last night, the head count is off  & me & my girlfriend end up on separate buses.  By the time I figure it out I’m in Philadelphia & she’s in Ottawa.  This fucking sucks.

Me & Chelsea go back to our old apartment & the key still works.  We go in & there’s a ton of furniture.  I don’t remember leaving this much stuff here.  I start packing it up & taking it to the car before realizing it belongs to the new tenant.

May 19, 2014
I’m working as a cameraman at a local news station & I notice one of the anchors getting really nervous as he reads his teleprompter & I turn to my right & see a tiger loose on set.  After a minute or two of prowling around he lies down for a nap.

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