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Spotify, Bandcamp, Electric Bird Noise, Rllrbll, Small Life Form

Been doing some work towards getting new releases ready & working on a plan to move into requesting people listen to the Silber back catalog on Spotify when the next newsletter is ready to go out.  Which means making massive …

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QRD, Kickstarter, MySpace, Bandcamp, Dreams

What do I do in a day some times?  Beats me!  Just kidding, starting to get in the responses for the comic book issue of QRD, which means I need to go ahead & knock out this next label …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    if fans wanted to support you, they’d buy the CDs to begin with and thus you wouldn’t need something like kickstart. not you specifically. which is why things like kickstart works great for people with 1000s of fans to begin with but not so great for people with only 100′s and 20 of them families and friends.

    I bet you’d get more responses from people if you were trying to raise money for grad school though.

    • Well, I think the thing with how Kickstarter really works is somehow people’s relatives feel better giving $100 through that than just handing it over. Public Enemy’s Kickstarter campaign failed & I would think they are in the 1000s of fans category even today. But Kickstarter rejected my pre-selling keychains campaign. Which is funny to me.

      I think I could learn more in grade school than grad school at this point.