From Oceans to Autumn, Upcoming Releases, HTML, Outer Limits

So the big news is From Oceans to Autumn is on Silber & we’re starting things off with a free EP called The Flood/The Fall.  They’re somewhere between shoegaze & heavy metal.  Here’s a video:

Been spending a bunch of time the past few days working on press releases & such, more news about that as the releases actually become available.  It’s looking like I’m going to get things back on track for getting some new content available for you all fairly soon with some things I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while as far as making digital versions of some out of print stuff from Silber artists available.

Working on a couple of html things on the website that should make things work a little better for everyone.  Going to add an RSS feed on the QRD front page & make our mailing list joining form have the ability to specify what you want to know about (e.g. comics, music, or QRD).

I just saw this episode of The Outer Limits that I dug:

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