Mini-Comics & Boys Night Out

Been spending most of the past several days assembling the mini-comics for promo & getting the packages out.  I went with an “opt-in” promo list instead of my standard huge list to cut a few corners in the budget.  I don’t imagine it will cost too many reviews much less sales.

James & Martin from Plumerai were in town the other night & we went to a local bar that had a guy with an acoustic guitar covering 1980s dance hits & power ballads.  It was strangely pleasant.

I drank one of the leftover Silbeers from a month ago & it seemed like in that extra month it may have gotten too bubbly.  I am not a big fan of bubbles, but when I tried one of the beers post brewing without the final carbonation that wasn’t too great either & I’m realizing proper carbonation of a beer is as important to me as taste & texture.

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One Response to Mini-Comics & Boys Night Out

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    Today i heard one of the songs he played that i couldn’t figure out. It was Blues Traveller