QRD, Life Begins at Rewirement, Dreams

So I got up the new issue of QRD in the guitarist series.  I’ll have another issue wrapping up some loose ends before the hiatus.

So I’ve had a couple weird dreams lately about eating meat.  More info on that below.  Oh, I’ve been a vegetarian to the best of my ability for about twenty years now, so that’s why it is weird….

I discovered this amazing sci-fi short about elder care, you should watch it.  It’s called “Life Begins at Rewirement.”

Recent Dreams:
I go to visit my buddy who is homesteading out in Washington state.  Out in the woods we run into a bear & kill it with a knife & pull some meat out of its belly & eat it, raw & warm.

My printer isn’t working write for printing out the new issue of Worms.  Instead of trying to fix it, I just decide to give up working on comics altogether.

I’m in a park somewhere with Karla Anne & I’m eating one of the sandwiches that she made us with deli-cut chicken & a lot of mayonnaise.

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