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So the recordings with PD Wilder went okay.  I think we did six or seven pieces & the first couple were uneven & the last one I wrote a pop song that PD will add parts too later, but it …

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  1. Peter says:

    What a story! When you patronize a good Mexican restaurant you really go all in. 20% tip is customary, don’t feel obligated to start a new life with the waitress.


So I guess some of you know about my love for the band Hefner.  I mean, I did the song “Every Prince” based on “I Stole a Bride” on the Remora album Derivative.  Anyway, today I did a cover of …

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A Good Day

I’m pretty happy with my day today.

First off I got recorded, mixed, & mastered the Remora song for a comp.  I’m not going to leak the version for the comp, but here’s the demo:


Then I wrote a …

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