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I sent in some artwork for this weird card game project.  We’ll see what happens with it if anything.

Sent out soliciting for the last set of interviews for the next two QRDs.  We’ll see what happens on that.  It feels good to be winding things down.  Still gotta get a bunch of work done finishing up the 5 in 5 series, but it feels good.

So maybe some of you have noticed that I never put up the monthly charts for April, it’s because something weird is going on with my server’s stats.  The April stats when ran through the analyzer only give me info on the last two days of the month.  I just downloaded the one for May & it only gave me info on the last five days.  So I guess I’m not going to know what’s up from here on out, which is fine.  I won’t have to be as depressed by the numbers.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m a teenager, but I still have all my current memories which confuses me a bit as far as thinking my girlfriend is way too young for me.  Her folks are out of town & I’m staying at her house.  It’s 1am & we’re drunk, high on pills, & tripping on acid & are sitting naked on the lawn in the suburban neighborhood.  No one is up in the whole neighborhood & it feels like we have the world to ourselves.  We here the jangle of a dog’s leash & collar & rush to hide behind some bushes & then go back in the house & get dressed.  Time passes & I’m walking with the girl into the family room & her mother is there.  I can’t tell if I’m still intoxicated or just intoxicated again.  From the overhead light there are small model ships & military medals hanging from it with fishing line.  In one corner of the room is the bottom half of an artificial Christmas tree & in another corner is the top half.  In an attempt to make small talk I ask the mother if she keeps the Christmas tree up year round & I mention that my ex-girlfriend used to do that because she felt her time was better spent on other things than putting up & taking down decorations & then I realize the ex-girlfriend I’m referring to I won’t even meet for twenty years.

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