Zlata & Shaun Sandor, 5 in 5, Buttons, Ads, Etc.

The big news for today is I got up another release in the 5 in 5 series.  It’s a collaboration between Shaun Sandor & his four year old daughter Zlata called “Band on the Moon” & it’s free to stream or a dollar to download or show your support.

So the button listings on Ebay are expiring today & tomorrow.  Basically a third of the buttons I listed sold, which is fine.  I’d hoped for more obviously.  Maybe I had some of the “Buy It Now” prices too high.  At any rate, it is going to get me to go ahead & try to list fifty items for sale per month on Ebay as long as they are offering fifty free listings each month.  Going to try to clear out things a bit more as I realize I own a lot of things that I don’t really need to.  I mean, I lived in Pittsburgh the month of November only with what I could fit in my car & I really didn’t miss anything that I didn’t have with me.  So it might be a slower process than I hope for, but eventually I want to get to the point where I’m only owning things I want & need instead of having all these legacy items just taking up space.  I guess part of the inspiration is my buddy Jesse is moving to a one room cabin he’s building himself out in Washington state.  I went to have a couple of beers with him & help him load his car & give him my camping stove that I haven’t used in twenty years.  Basically all he owns right now is a suitcase of clothes, tools for building the cabin, a guitar & amp & pedal board, two surfboards, a laptop, & a dog.  His car isn’t even half full.  It is at least a little inspiring.

So I went ahead & I suspended the ads on Facebook & Google for Silber in preparation for the hiatus.  It’s starting to feel close to happening.  Trying to get people to get me the stuff for finishing up the current batch of work.  We’ll see what all happens.

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2 Responses to Zlata & Shaun Sandor, 5 in 5, Buttons, Ads, Etc.

  1. Peter says:

    Jessie’s a cool guy. That will be the world’s friendliest cabin.