Rough Day & Obsessions

A rough day today.  Last night my grandmother had some blood when she used the bathroom.  This morning there was a lot more.  She has dementia, so the idea of going to the emergency room is out.  So I had to wait until 9:30 to get in touch with her doctor’s office for an emergency appointment.  So I had to sit in the doctor’s office with her a couple hours & the doctor said I could take her through the trauma of going into the hospital for tests today or wait a couple days to see if it improves & if it doesn’t then go to the hospital.  So I opted to wait & see what happens.  We’ll see what happens.

I got an email from a distro that I have a significant check coming.  Of course I get more excited by receiving a check & cashing it than getting a message saying one is coming.

Got some more reviews in for Lotte Kestner & The Wet Teens.

I’ve been noticing the MySpace promo for Irata has been way more successful than for the other bands.  So evidently metal is where MySpace still thrives.

Personal Obsession Entry:
I’ve been thinking lately that the way time passes is like a rolling tape on a cassette deck & that the brain is the player & while most people only hit the play button, there are a bunch of other buttons & knobs to twist to shape things & this is what people can do with the 90% of their brains they refuse to use.  So I’m going to start trying more to adjust the tone knob & maybe eventually figure out how to press eject & change the tape.

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