Tour Dreams?

I didn’t do much while I was awake today besides doing the layout for printing Built, but I was busy in my sleep.

Last Night’s Dreams (curiously high tour content for some reason):
I’m on tour with my biological son Andrew & my biological father Bryce (funny how history repeats itself like that).  Since music doesn’t pay, we’re financing the tour by helping people burn down buildings for insurance money (nice to train your son in a viable trade).  Of course one of the jobs gets complicated because the guy who hired us wants us to kill him as well as burn his house down.  So we’re trying to renegotiate the contract to either help him fake his death for a couple grand or actually kill him (probably easier at this point) for $10,000 (with all the inflation in gas prices & everything else, you’d think the price of a man’s life would have increased in the past 20 years).  I’m for just knocking the guy out & leaving him on the front lawn as the place burns down, but Andrew & Bryce are a little more sympathetic & creating some extravagant plan to help this dude out.  I’m concerned it’s going to make us need to cancel the show, but Bryce & Andrew seem to think saving this guy’s life is worth canceling a show & we can use him as a roadie & take him with us.  Just what we need, another mouth to feed.

I’m on tour with Electric Bird Noise & we’re staying at the house of this girl named Kay.  She gets totally naked in front of me & I’m 100% not interested.  She starts yeling at me to get out of her house & I ask her if I can sleep in the car in the driveway & she says if I do that she’ll call the cops.  Meanwhile she won’t let me tell Brian McKenzie (who’s sleeping in another room) what’s going on, so I’m left wandering in the middle of no where thinking, “So this is how I finally really become homeless.”

I’m on tour & staying with an ex-girlfriend (which is always an awkward situation to say the least) who moved to this city from our hometown.  Her house may as well be hostel.  I think twenty people live here.  She’s complaining to me that she only asks the people for twenty bucks a week in rent & can’t get it & what do I think she should do.  How can you answer that question to solving such an obviously insane & unacceptable way for a 30 year old hyper-intelligent woman to live….

I’m on tour & I think I’m in San Francisco because Carta is on the bill, but strangely the vibe is more of rural Arizona or New Mexico.  It’s a coffee shop that used to be a grocery store.  I’m talking on the phone with Shaun Sandor (Promute) & in the middle of the conversation I see him walk into the building, but he is not on the phone.  I ask him (the version on the phone) how he is able to be on the phone with me while I am physically looking at him & he is not on the phone.  He says, “Do you mean to tell me you still don’t understand how time shifting works after all this time?”

I’m on tour & I’m staying at Bob Freville’s house.  He has a room that is literally filled with pennies.  I ask him what the pennies are about.  He says he got $20,000 in pennies (that’s two million pennies!) to finance his next movie.  WTF?

I’m on tour & hanging out with Irata at a bar.  Jason reaches into his pocket & lays a fistful of Silber balloons on the bar.  He says, “These are all defective man.”  I look at them & the ink is all smeared up on them.  I say, “Sorry,” & shoot a Newcastle.

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