Rough couple of days.

So yesterday morning my mom’s cat died & I needed to dig a grave in the rain which is really great with clay soil.  Probably I’ll make a story about how much it sucks for an issue of XO eventually.  Of course it amplifies my daily facing of mortality helping take care of my grandmother & puts me in a significantly bad spot for feeling like everything is useless in life.

This morning I broke one of my toes (my foot was asleep & I curled it under my foot).  When my niece & nephew came over (I help take care of them most Sunday afternoons – Monday mornings) it ended up that neither of their parents had bothered to take them Christmas shopping & I had to take them shopping for gifts wandering around with my broken toe.

I did get the artwork for Moodring: Live yesterday & will hopefully get it ready tonight for release.

I found out I accidentally double assigned release number 79 to both Aarktica: In Sea Remixes & White Silber, so I need to twist things around a bit on my paperwork for White Silber since the Aarktica is printed out & everything & White Silber is digital only.

I got in my final check from the arts council for getting in my final paperwork for the Lost Kisses DVD.  To be honest I kinda feel like there should be more of a public presentation of the final reports that would be broadcast on the government channel to at least theoretically help spread the word about the stuff, but it is easier to just mail in a couple sheets of paper.

I posted about the Christmas compilation at a bunch of newsgroups & forums the other day & it’s interesting (to me at least) how each time I go to post about releases it seems half of the ones I bothered to post to the previous time have gone away.

I won a few items on Ebay from a guy that had never sold anything on Ebay before.  A little concerned I might not get them (I’m assuming that’s why no one else bid on them as well), but a Rocktron practice amp & tremelo pedal for $50 including shipping seems like quite a deal.

Still in discussion with Bob Freville about the “Collapse” video.  He said I’m being too lenient when I say “if you’re doing it for free I relinquish all creative control.”  But I generally feel if you are doing something as a favor then you have the right to make it something you like or would have a good time doing over my personal ideas.  If someone wants me to do a soundtrack for free they shouldn’t tell me to make something that sounds like the Eagles.

Got a lot of work to do.  I need to do some follow up for the comics & CDs & make some invoices for my distributors & a couple service invoices as well.  Also I need to update my sales paperwork as I haven’t put in sales for the past month.  & I still need to do some stuff for the Sarah June artwork because I’m a nazi when it comes to picking the right font.  & I want to shoot some videos.

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