Updates & Questions

So I did a bunch of web updates today, updated all the review pages & such.  Also put up the info about there being 5 extra songs you’ll get if you pre-order the Aarkitca: In Sea Remixes directly from Silber on the front page.

Talked to CJ Boyd tonight about the sub-label & he challenged me about if there’s really a reason for it to exist.  If I want to put out a punk rock record (The Wet Teens) & it doesn’t fit what people think of Silber, they can re-think what Silber is.  I understand where he’s coming from.  I still want to do it, but I do need to figure out where the line between the two will be.  I’ve pretty firmly decided the electro Remora record belongs on it along with the Wet Teens, but then I look at Carta & Sarah June who really don’t sound like anything that’s come out on Silber in the past five years & they’re coming out on Silber.  So maybe Silber’s face is changing.  So why the new name?  Just because of cool logo ideas?  Just beause it’s a cool name (Death in Silberia)?  What would it really make sense for me to have a sub-label?  I mean it would make sense if Silber had a sub-label run by Nic Slaton or Ben Collins or Andrew Weathers or Martin Newman or any of the other usual suspects around Silber, but not really by me.  What do you starz think?  Should there be an alternate brand if I’m releasing music that some Silber fans would hate or should I leave things with the Silber brand on everything I touch?

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