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Starting to try to get some things going for the upcoming QRDs. Working on four issues at once – musician dads, guitarists, label owners, comic folks – so if there’s anyone you want to see take part send me their contact info.  Sent out a few hundred emails to potential interview subjects.  Also I’m going to run an advertisement special where you appear in all four issues for the price of one.

There’s a review of the Less Than Zero movie over at Finally Checking It Out.

Our friends over at I Heart Noise are working up a bunch of comps for any of you interested in contributing.

My grandmother’s getting into the idea of me pushing her for walks in the wheelchair.  Today we went about three miles.  Which is kind of exhausting.  At least I’m able to get my exercise in before she goes to bed now, so that theoretically gives me an extra thirty minutes a day for Silber/artsy stuff.

Here’s a video for Azalia Snail‘s “Burnt Cookies”:

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m working at a military complex training new soldiers.  A large percentage of the soldiers are cats instead of humans. (I think I’ve been taking in too much Harlan Ellison if that’s possible.)

I find out that Neil Patrick Harris died over a year ago.  Why didn’t I know earlier?  Clearly that would be as relevant to my life as Andrew Koenig….

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