Azalia Snail, Upcoming Gigs, Mini-Comics, Newsletter, Sarah June

Got some work done on the Azalia Snail press release & I got the last box from the printer for being able to assemble things.  Really gotta get things finished off with that & announce the release date.

I at least theoretically have a couple shows in the next couple weeks.  Pointless Forest this Thursday in Chapel Hill & Remora a week from Friday in Myrtle Beach.  So I need to get myself in a practice mode.

Sent off the first wave of follow-up on the mini-comic promos.  Hopefully the reviews are going to be coming soon.

Our intern Bill Pernell is building a little email submission script for me for creating mailing lists.  Pretty excited about it.

I sent out a little newsletter for the month.  Pretty lame one as no narrative & just facts, but whatever.  The next one will be a little more formal.  Trying to get too many things going at once I suppose.

Here’s a new video Sarah June just put up.  A little stylistically different than most of her stuff with a bit of a trip hop thing going.

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