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Digital Comics, SuperHaters, Ads, CD Order, Dreams

Did some research today for trying to find people who distribute digital download comics & I didn’t find nearly the volume I’d expected. Maybe because Google already started to remove them from their search results (they announced a couple weeks …

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE, can’t you?

    so… is this the way kids do book reports now? AWESOME!

    i’ve wondered the same thing about bloggers. i think they just quit. they’re super amped to do it and then realize how much work it is, and give up. then they have a relapse like “i can do this! i just messed up before!” and then they blog again and instantly remember how much work it takes and quit again.

    for the Super Haters thing, it doesn’t have to be February. in fact, i think my March guest writer is already lined up and i probably don’t need a guest for Feb, so the next first available month is April.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure of the quality of schooling these days compared to 20 years ago & it seemed pretty lax & crappy.

      I suppose a lot of bands are like that too. They put out a good record & then find out how much work really trying to make it as a band is & they fade away. Then they get laid off & the band gets back together & goes on tour….

      A Super Haters plot – “You should start a band called Third Eye Blind!” “That name is already taken.” “I know, you could totally gain interest from their fan base.” “I think that’s illegal to use another band’s name….” “But if I just gouge out your third eye, it’s an accurate description! They can’t fault us for that!”
      Okay, not sure it really works….

  2. Nick Marino says:

    I LOVE IT! I’m copying it out of your comment and putting it into my “super haters guests” Google Doc for safe keeping. Now stop writing these all in public or you’ll ruin all the jokes!!!

  3. You can keep that one as a freebie. I’m going to do a week long narrative Rip Kirby style for my guest spot…..

  4. Nick Marino says:

    hahaha is it wrong that i had to Google “Rip Kirby?”

  5. Nah… I think I’m pretty much the guy most interested in golden age comics in our circle of comic book makers. When I occasionally tell that to reviewers, they understand my stories better….

QRD, HTML, Star Wars

So I did more proofing for QRD today.  Three more interviews to do & then make the cover & the html coding & then I’ll let you guys know when it is up.

Doing some work in the shadows towards …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    obviously they weren’t open minded since the Jedi’s sole purpose in SW movies are to keep the Sith’s from existing…no possibilities of co-existence because they were afraid of them despite the rhetoric of not giving in to your fears.

Video, Bad Acid, Dreams

So I was taking care of my niece & nephew today & we shot a little video about Stormtroopers & Snowtroopers. But the miracle is I got the hookup between my camera & my computer to work. It stopped working …

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Comics & Dreams

Worked with my nephew on his second mini-comic today. It’s a second Star Wars job called “Good & Evil Smell the Same.” Got the first two drafts of it done & sent the second one to Jason Young for input …

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comics & music – is there anything else?

Worked on the layout for my western comic today.  The tentative title is “Just a Man.”  Sent it to the artist, so just waiting on it to come back.

I also worked on a Star Wars fan fiction mini-comic with …

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