Comics & Dreams

Worked with my nephew on his second mini-comic today. It’s a second Star Wars job called “Good & Evil Smell the Same.” Got the first two drafts of it done & sent the second one to Jason Young for input before giving him a final draft to draw.

Got a letter from Dave Sim today approving some drafts for Glamourkisses so I’ll get him versions with layouts out in a day or two.  He also sent me the drawings for this Jack Kirby/Stan Lee idea I had, which basically means he draws the story & then I write the script based on it.  Fun idea if not a good one.  & it’s stick figures!

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on tour & supposed to play the radio station at Corvallis University.  I pull onto the campus & I ask a campus cop where the station is.  The guy is French & I can hardly understand what he’s saying, but he says that the station is in the old music building & it’ll take me eight days to get there.  I think there’s something wrong with our language barrier.  A car parks across the street & this girl Kim that I was friends with in high school (& haven’t seen since) gets out & I yell across to her asking how to get to the old music building.  I don’t hear her answer because I suddenly notice that on top of the mountain on the edge of campus there are two life size AT-ATs.  I need to get a camera to take pictures of this.

I’ve got a bunch of thin sheets of ice & I’m using them to build a reverb chamber for my amp.

I’m in Duluth on tour.  I get there too early, so I just go to a local park.  It’s a nice day, so I’m sitting on the ground leaning on the passenger side front wheel & I fall asleep.  I’m woken up by Alan Sparhawk & he invites me back to his house.  Inside the house the walls are all on wheels so you can slide them & manipulate them.  I’m not quite sure what the reason or advantage of this is.

I have a new band called Post Monstrous Sound & the album is called “I Exist to Destroy You.”  I don’t even know what instrument I play in it.

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