QRD, HTML, Star Wars

So I did more proofing for QRD today.  Three more interviews to do & then make the cover & the html coding & then I’ll let you guys know when it is up.

Doing some work in the shadows towards re-working the headers throughout the website.  We’ll see what all happens.

I watched some Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons with my nephew & have come to the conclusion that the Republic was just as shitty as the Empire.  The Clone Wars seems to be on some level about whether robots or clones function better as a slave class.  You’d think the “good guys” shouldn’t have a slave class?  So apparently Jedi=Sith=asshole?

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One Response to QRD, HTML, Star Wars

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    obviously they weren’t open minded since the Jedi’s sole purpose in SW movies are to keep the Sith’s from existing…no possibilities of co-existence because they were afraid of them despite the rhetoric of not giving in to your fears.