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So I was taking care of my niece & nephew today & we shot a little video about Stormtroopers & Snowtroopers. But the miracle is I got the hookup between my camera & my computer to work. It stopped working after my hard drive crashed & I needed to put in a new one about a year ago now. So I guess I may start doing some video stuff.  Here’s the video if you are interested….

So some of you may know the magazine Bad Acid that was coming out in the UK because it was indeed pretty cool. But they just put out their last issue & now they started a podcast & this installment is basically 50% Silber. Very flattering.

Last Night’s Dreams
I’m at a swimming pool with my grandmother & she’s literally running around the pool.  She slips & falls & I run to see if she’s okay & when I lift her head the blood is pouring out of one side like a watering can & I’m trying to hold the blood in & it just keeps making a bigger & bigger mess.

There’s a girl who is working for me in some capacity (intern maybe?) & the level of attraction is such that I feel like us trying to do anything together other than making out is wrong.  I wonder if she already has a boyfriend & if I’d be an upgrade.

I’m trying to design & build my own simple synthesizer on a piece of circuit board.  I have no idea what I’m doing & just put the electronic components on in  a way that’s visually pleasing.

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