Waves & Demos

So I got out the first wave of promo emails for the new releases done, I might get it all done by Friday.  It’s kinda depressing right now as the response ratio is so low.  I totally understand it as I’m sure they are inundated with material, but I don’t know what the secret is to get things to have more attention without spending more time or money than I’m currently ready to.  I mean, I know I can hire a publicist or I can spend my time reading & commenting on a hundred blogs a day (that’s actually what good publicists do), but I think I would rather spend that time & money making music.

Recorded two songs/drones for the B-side of the Remora cassette I’m working on.  Here are the first rough mixes.

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2 Responses to Waves & Demos

  1. Nick says:

    The secret: putting hot redhead pics on the artwork.