War of the Worlds, Press Releases, Demos, Radio, Etc….

So lately I’ve been watching the War of the Worlds TV series on YouTube.  You can read my review of it over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

I got done a draft of the mwvm press release for the new record.  So it feels like things are on the ball for that.

I sent in the artwork to Fluttery for the new Remora disc.  It still feels weird to me having a Remora disc where I didn’t do the artwork myself (though granted that Shane did the artwork for Songs I Sing).

Wrote to a couple of other artists about getting some things ready for their press releases (Plumerai & new signing Bosques) & digital art booklets for their upcoming releases.

Did some preliminary work for a couple shifts on the website.  Going to try again (I have tried a couple times in the past) to make the Silber Radio thing play the tracks randomly (currently playing from newest track to oldest track) & also going to try again to have a page on Silber where you can listen to some of our favorite radio stations.  On the radio station thing, it basically ends up with the Yahoo Javascript I have throughout the site, it’ll be super easy to do with the radio stations that made their streams to naturally work with Windows Media Player, however it will be a real pain to make things work with the stations that made their streams to naturally work with iTunes.  So unfortunately, at least for now, my solution is to abandon half the stations.  If someone with fancy skills can figure out a solution that will work easily on the Silber site, you are more than welcome to contact me about it.

Lately I’ve been getting demos from some sort of classically trained acoustic jazz guitar types.  I have no idea what is going on to cause that.  I mean, it’s fine, do what you do, but you should really mainly send stuff to labels that would care for your work.

Assembled some more mini-comics.  Trying to slowly but surely get ready for orders of the complete box set of comics once I make that available.

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