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Plumerai, If Thousands, Rivulets, Dreams, QRD, Robocop

So a bunch of things going on right now.

Working on my comic for the SPACE anthology as well as editing it.  Mine is a really weird photo-comic about faeries.  Here’s a sample photo:
I feel like I haven’t been …

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Finally Checking It Out – What If? #43: What if Conan the Barbarian Were Stranded in the 20th Century? by Peter B. Gillis & Bob Hall

What if Conan were trapped in the twentieth century?As a kid, I never really got into the What If? comics.  I was more or less trying to absorb all the information in the Marvel canon, so I just didn’t have space in my brain for the silly side …

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Three Stories about Downloading plus a Howard tribute

So I got an email from Google (who run Blogger) & they killed one of the blogs that had digital download links to Silber stuff (the blogger didn’t have any contact info to ask them directly to cease & desist).  …

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