Three Stories about Downloading plus a Howard tribute

So I got an email from Google (who run Blogger) & they killed one of the blogs that had digital download links to Silber stuff (the blogger didn’t have any contact info to ask them directly to cease & desist).  I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing.  On the one hand I don’t want to set up an “us versus them” thing between Silber & Silber fans.  On the other hand I can’t spend a couple thousand dollars per release to give them away.  I don’t know, it’s exactly the second site I’ve had taken down (the other was charging for the downloads!) of about a hundred who’ve posted links (most I just ask to take stuff down & they do, also most review a record instead of just listing links so it seems like they are trying to promote the music rather than pirate it).  & of course I realize it’s just a temporary fix & the same guy now puts up all his links via Twitter.  What’s worse is it ends up the guy is based in a territory notorious for bad postal service & famous for lack of respect for copyrights (I know you’re thinking Italy, but it’s actually Brazil) & he actually runs a net label that has done some stuff with people I know!  Of course it saying on his page that Google had taken his account down twice previously & he just puts it back up doesn’t make it seem like he thinks there’s any moral ambiguity with what he’s doing.  I don’t know.  It’s a pretty frustrating situation & I feel like a jerk.

I got an email from Gimme Sound saying Remora earned two cents last month for their downloads/profit-sharing plan.  Hard to say how I feel about selling music for a penny.  But I think that if I just think of it as an alternative to MySpace who might pay me $10 a year it seems okay.

I just bought some software for setting up the Silber Download shop.  We’ll see if I wasted some money.  (A couple people have told me these automated set up stores never work properly, but I did pay an extra $30 for the people to install the thing.  So maybe it will work?)

Got an email from Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) complimenting me on the amount of reviews & radio coverage the new disc has gotten.  It feels pretty good when the artist feels satisfied about things (even when sales aren’t happening & they aren’t making money).

Filled a few orders & sent out a few promos.  One of the promos was for Mark Tucker who I’ve been having a little debate/conversation with about the nature of physical objects & packagings importance to musical experiences.  Another one of the promos was a Lost Kisses DVD to a person I was in touch with it at Cartoon Network three years ago.  (I probably burned all my bridges for ever working with CN by refusing to sign a work for hire contract for Lost Kisses. (Which is possibly why both Lost Kisses isn’t on TV & Silber isn’t in the black – I mean, how much more jaded would I really be?  At any rate I did wait until the contract I did sign had expired to manufacture the DVD.))

More news tomorrow.

Random Short Fiction
I want to feel a sword plunging in my chest to remind me of my youth.  To remind me of when I was young & strong & unstoppable.  To remind me I was not always the King of Aquilonia.  To remind me of who I really am.  A mercenary, a barbarian, a child of the frozen wastes.  A warrior decorated by scars, not medallions.  Alive & aware, not drunk on stagnancy & luxury.  Destined to die in battle against incalculable odds.  What have I let happen to myself?

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