Finally Checking It Out – What If? #43: What if Conan the Barbarian Were Stranded in the 20th Century? by Peter B. Gillis & Bob Hall

What if Conan were trapped in the twentieth century?As a kid, I never really got into the What If? comics.  I was more or less trying to absorb all the information in the Marvel canon, so I just didn’t have space in my brain for the silly side stories.  But these days when the continuity of comics is in constant flux & even trade paperbacks don’t always have complete stories, I feel like What If is something I can count on for a quick fun read.


So doing a story of Conan in modern times could easily be shitty, but this is a super fun story from Peter B. Gillis & Bob Hall.  Conan gets zapped to modern times by a wizard’s spell & he starts as a thief, then he becomes a pimp, then a gang leader.  He eventually gets in a fight with Captain America & kicks his ass.  To be honest, this may be one of the truest interpretations of Robert E. Howard’s vision of Conan I’ve seen outside of his own stories.  Anyway, this is super fun & pretty easy to find in discount bins & worth picking up.  I guess it’s worth mentioning that there’s a Doctor Strange back-up story in here that isn’t really even worth reading.
Conan versus Captain America

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