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So I posted up a review on Finally Checking It Out of the 1991 movie Kafka.  It includes an embed of the movie in the post.

I got two first drafts done for two of my self-proposed four comic series called “bottle comics.”  I still need to type them in & send them to the artists & lay them out & all that, but I’m happy to get some work done.

I got a call from a music supervisor I work with for placements.  It was a call that was both good & bad.  They said there were some paperwork problems, but they ran into the paperwork problems in the final process of a placement, which makes it seem like some of the music will end up being used.  I’m pretty excited about it, but trying to remain calm & pleasantly surprised if things come to fruition.

I accepted a job running promotions for a winery.  It’s on a provisionary basis & we’ll see what happens with it.  It’s going to be interesting trying to build a database & such for something I know little about, even if I know a lot about building such a database for music & comics.

I actually read a couple comics I bought at a shop for a buck a piece on the recent road trip.  Void Indigo #1 (on Marvel’s Epic line in 1984) was a bit of a confusing mess – a page was printed out of order & plenty of typos & the first issue I guess took place after a graphic novel or something that I hadn’t read, but enjoyable in its own way.  Grendel/Batman Devils Dance #2 was a book I’d kinda been looking for a little while (I think so far it is the final appearance of Grendel Prime) & I was a little let down by it as it was more Batman oriented than Grendel oriented, but it was fine for a crossover between an indie comic & a major superhero book.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m a butler in a mansion.  My tuxedo is made of silk & consequently too light to hold it’s shape & looks & feels like odd pajamas.  The master of the house has died & me & the maid are trying to figure out if we should report the death or just stay on & live in the house.

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