A Couple Days

Sorry I have missed a couple days of blogging.

I finished a bunch of demo recordings for Remora (about three hours) & sent them off to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) to let me know what I should focus on for recording when I go into his studio for a couple weeks.

The show Thursday went pretty well, despite a slightly sparse attendance (up against a sold out Aerial Pink show half a mile away).

I’m thinking about signing up for a Reverbnation account because a friend of mine uses their mailing list feature & it seems to work pretty well.

The MySpace promo campaign isn’t going too well.  MySpace has changed some of their things around so it seems I need to enter Captcha codes around 20 times as often, so it takes a lot longer to do.  In addition there seems as yet to be much interest generated from it.  Maybe it’s time for me to abandon the idea of social networking.  Of course I guess it gets to the point that I really have no idea how to promote anything.

I got in an interview with Melt Banana for the guitarist interview series (mid-August issue) in QRD.  Still not sure what the future holds for QRD as a monthly as it isn’t generating the revenue I’d hoped for on advertisements, nor are all the filler ads I’m giving away to myself at Silber generating that many clicks.

Last Night’s Dream:
My Grandmother is crawling up the stairs calling for help.  I don’t know why I’m sleeping so soundly that she gets to this extreme to get my attention.  I don’t know how I’ll get her down the stairs without killing us both in a fall.

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