Physicals of Irata & Lotte Kestner & Social Networking stuff

I signed up for a ReverbNation account for Silber because a friend of mine has been using their mailing list stuff & I liked how it seemed to work.  But I found out after signing up for it that the free version is only good for 500 contacts (too low for Silber) & the full version is $10 a month & I’m not convinced it is worth that much to me.  I am a little impressed by the ability to sign-up as a label so that all the bands are linked properly to you & use an RSS feed to populate the on-site blog.  But of course I don’t think they have the site traffic to pursue them too heavily.  But they may well be worth the thirty minutes it takes to set-up an account if the 500 limit mailing list works for you.  Otherwise I’d say you’re at least as well off signing up on Bebo (used to be pretty big in the UK) or Hi5 (still pretty big in Italy), but how many sites do you want to try to manage?  Right now, to be honest, I’m not managing any social networks properly I suppose.  I think that in general they are going to fade back out.  I have friends getting rid of the internet in their house & just going into the library for an hour a week & that’s probably what I should be doing if I want to increase my actual creative output in life.

I had a glitch in the rotating images in the header banner on the website & I fixed it on the front page.  I’ll wait to repopulate it until I have more updates.

For some reason Twitter wasn’t working properly for about an hour a day.  My feed wasn’t going into the Silber site nor going into other people’s sites who use it in a similar way.  Then it magically started working again.

I got a few physical copies in to sell of Lotte Kestner & Irata (for the standard $12 ($14 international) price) if you are interested –

Put a bunch of reviews of Lotte Kestner’s China Mountain up on the site –

Did some work on the questions for the bass players interview series for QRD.  Hoping to get them ready in about a week.

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