QRD & Six by Seven

The new QRD is up featuring 18 interviews with indie label owners.  I hope you all find it interesting.  It includes Kranky & Exotic Fever & a ton of folks, even Silber.  Took a lot longer than anticipated to get it done, but I think it’s a pretty solid issue.  Only a week late.  I had to re-do some of the ads on the side bar (not bothering to update the back issues).  I think I’ve abandoned soliciting for ads at this point.  Which is also abandoning the idea of trying to make money off of it.  It’s just not a good time to try to get people to part with their money, even if it’s only $10.  But it seems funny that the other folks who can’t sell their ads either aren’t interested in running trades.  I really have no idea how much recognition QRD actually has.  I suppose not doing any reviews & focusing on interviews with people that are fairly underground isn’t the best way to build a fan base.

I went to the post office today & waited in line only to realize I’d forgotten to put an address on one of the packages.  Made me feel a little bit dumb.

Got some stuff going on the comics today.  Artwork in from Kurt Dinse & it looks like Jeremy Johnson is going to put an attempt on Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  Looking like I’m going to have quite a bit of content at some point in the near future.

My article/review of Six By Seven’s The Way I Feel Today just went up on Delusions of Adequacy.

I’m too sleepy to type in the dreams from last night.  I’ll try to get them in tomorrow.

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