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I got an email today from a Japanese label asking about my promo services.  I’d forgotten I even offer those as I haven’t done it for anyone in about two years now.  I told them the straight scoop on how bad things are promo wise now (& that anyone saying otherwise was a hopeless optimist or a liar) & then told them I’d be happy to do any work they wanted.  I suppose I do need to fix the page a bit.  Postal rates have certainly gone up & all the MySpace stuff is 100% useless I’m sure.  When I got a new machine I didn’t even re-install the software for that stuff!

Below are the monthly charts I got from the Silber website.  The way the stats come in I don’t get info about MP3s streamed unfortunately, but it still gives a general idea of popularity.  It is pretty exciting to get three of the non-free releases in the charts for the top ten downloads (though it does include downloads from press & radio folks just so you don’t think it means I’m rolling in cash).  I will admit to a fear of the amount of times my music appears in the top ten making me feel like Silber is in danger of becoming a vanity label.

Top Five Most Read Silber Digital Comics in June
1. REH #1
2. Just A Man #1
3. Bottle Comics – Mermaid
4. Lost Kisses #4
5. Poit – La Jetee

Top Five Most Read About Silber Releases in June
1. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
2. Promute – Drone of the Norns
3. Brian John Mitchell – four and a half
4. Northern Valentine – Fin de Siecle
5. mwvm – Had Yr Pash

Top Ten Silber Album Downloads
1. Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the Blood
2. Promute – Drone of the Norns
3. mwvm – Had Yr Pash
4. Unspeakable Forces – Butterfly Corpse
5. Small Life Form – Voice in the Sky
6. Plumerai – Marco Polo
7. Panthan – Five Pointed Swords
8. Electric Bird Noise – Live at The Basement
9. Northern Valentine – Fin de Siecle
10. Brian John Mitchell – four and a half

Top Five Most Read QRD Interviews
1. Sophia Johnson (issue 55 – Guitarist Interviews VI (2012))
2. Erin O’Brien (issue 29 (2005))
3. Brian Elyo (issue 43 – Guitarist Interviews III (2010))
4. Mick Barr (issue 55 – Guitarist Interviews VI (2012))
5. Jonas Munk (issue 55 – Guitarist Interviews VI (2012))

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  1. Congrats to Ben Link Collins for winning a free download for properly predicting the number one album of July.