Puzzles, Bottles, Collaborations, Philip K Dick, & a Dream

Mainly going to spending the week working on the Bottle Comics & Puzzle Boxes, so there probably won’t be too many updates coming in.

I am working tomorrow with Ted Johnson on some recordings for the collaborative project between me, him, & Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise).

I am in talks with Joe Badon (Built) about doing a comic book version of one of Philip K Dick’s public domain works.  It’ll be a long term thing to work on for sure.  We’ve got it narrowed down to three stories right now.  Of course success would lead towards all three things happening.

Shaun Sandor (Promute) is talking to me about doing a massive collaboration involving most of the cast of Silber artists.  Should be interesting.  Of course large projects tend to take a year to complete.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m wandering around town looking for green bottles for my bottle comic project.  I see some at this spot under a bridge while I’m walking on a trail next to a creek.   But there’s a man sleeping a few feet away from them so I decide to leave them be.  I keep walking & I hear a sound from behind me that I can’t describe as anything more than full of dread.  I turn around & there’s a man hanging from the bridge ten feet off the ground suspended by a rope around his neck.  He’s trying to reach his hands up to the rope, but his arms aren’t responding properly & his body is starting to shake in seizures.  He’s looking right at me.  I just say “I’m sorry.”  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  Then I notice there’s a second man holding on to the man hanging by the waist.  Weighing him down to make sure he dies.  This wasn’t a suicide; it’s just supposed to luck that way.  Fuck.  I better get out of here.

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