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QRD, stuff coming up, & a couple gripes/compliments

Last week the new issue of QRD came out.  Forgot to post about it in the blog.  I feel it’s a pretty strong issue with a lot of good interviews.  It’s got guitarists, cartoonists, bass players, label owners, & even …

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I’m the best? & the Silber Newsletter

So as most of you know, I have pretty much always run promotion for Silber releases in house.  On occasion a friend hires a promotions house & they’ll get a copy of their promo list & send it to me …

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Rllrbll & Buttons

Interview with the mighty Rllrbll in SuccoAcido. Check it out!

So I designed another 15 buttons today, so there’s a total of 30 more to set up on the button sales page.  I also listed the buttons for sale

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3 Responses to Rllrbll & Buttons

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    checking out your ebay and how fitting that the only buttons with bids currently are cat buttons. Is that your biggest seller? in that case you should probably just make cat themed everything and cash in. CD’s, comics, novels (imagine an entire novel of just variations on meow, rowr, prrr)

    ps have you heard this band the beatles? you should def. include them in the next qrd.

    • There were some other buttons that sold with the “buy it now” option that I re-listed.
      I can’t keep track of new music, who’s this band called “The Beatles”?

  2. Nick says:

    So it’s still true that the Internet is basically a series of tubes filled with porn and cats…

Promotions, Silber Monthly Charts

I got an email today from a Japanese label asking about my promo services.  I’d forgotten I even offer those as I haven’t done it for anyone in about two years now.  I told them the straight scoop on …

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  1. Congrats to Ben Link Collins for winning a free download for properly predicting the number one album of July.

interviews, boxes, comics, promotions, The Walking Dead

I did a little interview this evening for a comic podcast about my mini-comics & the Kickstarter campaign.  It’ll be a week or so until it goes up.  But I’m pretty stoked by the interest.  I’ll let you know when …

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Jawharp Rich, Mini-Comics, Promotions

So I think I might have mentioned a while back about a collaboration I did with Brian McKenzie & a fellow known as Jawharp Rich.  So here are the results thanks to the folks at Voices Green And Purple, Jawharp

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Internet Promotion from Zero in 2011

Recently a friend of mine was asking where he should post up stuff for his brand new band (no web presence yet at all) given the decline in MySpace.  So I came up with this as my list in order …

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4 Responses to Internet Promotion from Zero in 2011

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    the bandcamp is good because of the control you have over the look and feel, the embed and sharing options. the fact that the money they take is minimal an not up front stuff like that and the ability to sell physical and digital and the digital comes in a variety of formats. the limit is bad i guess if you arent selling much but if you are i guess you shouldnt complain about the small fee. mostly its free and they take the 15% out of sales so you never really pay out of pocket which is nice too. i mean they have to make money somehow and with the amount of free dloads it makes sense

    also goodluck staying away from sonicbids i u want to do anything related to the big music fests showcases

    • Bandcamp has a free download limit where they start charging a fee. I’m not sure exactly where it lies, but I’m sure if you get a review on Pitchfork you’ll get screwed over it for a couple hundred bucks. Which I have no problem with, sure they deserve to make money. My bigger problem with them is the whole experience of the only album I tried to get from them (a Chris Olley download only thing a couple years ago) needing to try to have the link sent to three different email addresses before getting one to put it in my spam box instead of automatically deleting it.

      The thing with Sonic Bids & others like it are they are collecting a fee for a possible appearance on something where 90% of the line-up is pre-established & not associated with them at all. Plus there’s the whole thing of festivals these days usually being fairly useless if you want to play for more than 20 people as you end up playing head to head against Guided by Voices & The Flaming Lips.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    you don’t automatically get charged. you get to a limit and have to buy more “credits” or whatever they call it…power ups or some such. Your issue seems like it has more to do with your email rather than bandcamp.

    …the point is that every single one of these things are now exclusively sonicbids submission pretty much. So it’s not only a scam it’s a monopoly.

    • Yeah, I’d agree it was a problem with my email account if it only didn’t come through on my silbermedia email address (not even to the spam box), but it also got blocked on my juno address (not in the spam box) & then it was in my aol spam box for my third email attempt. Hopefully it works better now or they at least updated it so you don’t have to check your email & you go directly to a download page as that’s what makes sense anyway as I know so many people who’s Paypal email is essentially their spam non-checking email.

      I don’t think those things are exclusively Sonic Bids, just exclusively Sonic Bids for unsolicited stuff. If a label pays for a label showcase thing for SXSW/CMJ, they can pick the bands without them going through a submission process. At least it was like that two years ago. I kinda gave up on bothering looking into live stuff a while ago…..

Getting Ready to Push

Spent about 8 hours today updating the press contacts from the work the Silber interns had done over the past month & trying to figure out who to cut from the promo list.  It’s sad because there were some radio …

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banks, comics, keychains, neti, chile

Finally made the trek into the bank during business hours to deposit an international money order (they won’t take them through the ATM).  It’s always weird when I get a check instead of paypal money for a direct order in …

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Good Things Happen When I Do Nothing

Having another lazy day & then I get picked up by Parasol for a trial distribution & get an order from Soleilmoon to pick up more of the catalog for distribution.  Awesome.  Now I need to get the packages ready.…

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