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So mwvm now has a page on Facebook if you want to go over there & click that you like the band.  In other mwvm news, we’re trying to figure out exactly what to do as far as releasing the album worth of material that is now done.  There’s been a big dilemma here at Silber for the past couple of years about what to do with each release as far as making a physical or not & making something free to download or not & a million other things.  So I’ll let you know when we have things pretty hammered out.  In the meantime, why not buy one of the previous mwvm CDs?

So Evgeny seems to be re-activating Thorn1 a bit.  Here’s a video from a recent intimate show in Russia.

So I posted up a PDF of Lost Kisses #24.  Or of course you can order a physical copy of it over here.  I might end up do a special little Lost Kisses Dailies thing about the making of the issue, it involves everyone’s favorite weight-loss narrative of a ring falling off a finger.

Been working on scaring up the interviews for the next three issues of QRD.  I’m going kind of insane about it.  But I guess I need to do something to occupy my time.  Right now I’ve got 15 interviews in for the next three issues (guitarists, cartoonists, & label owners) & of course I still need to get around to launching the other interview series.  So we’ll see what happens on that.  Speaking of QRD, just launched a two issues for the price of one advertisement sale if you are interested.

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