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I wrote up & sent out the Silber monthly newsletter.  If you didn’t get it, you can read it over here.

Last night I met up with Darin DePaolo (Unspeakable Forces) & we talked about doing some more recording while drinking mead & playing chess (I won, five games to two).  We’ll see what happens & when.  It’s funny because while he said he liked the Butterfly Corpse EP & he said it wasn’t music, but noise with musical influences.  So we’ll see if in the end things work out as far as more recording sessions as he’s wanting to go super structured & planning out the songs & I want it to be more free form jam.  I think we’re still at a point of figuring out how to work with each other.  The Butterfly Corpse EP is culled from only our second band practice (though we played together a couple of times in 1998 & he played on the Alcohol EPs in 2002), so I think there’s promise if we can figure out a way to do it where both of us are satisfied.

So as you may have noticed, over the past month or so we’ve had four new addition to our free releases series from Promute, Andrew Weathers & Brian John Mitchell, Panthan, & Unspeakable Forces as well as two one dollar downloads from Small Life Form & Brian John Mitchell.  What do you think will be the most downloaded release from Silber this month?  One of the new ones or will mwvm still be on top?  Can a $1 download get enough sales to compete with free?  Make your predictions.  Anyone with a correct pick of number one will get a free download of the new Small Life Form album voice in the sky.

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One Response to Newsletter, Unspeakable Forces, Downloads

  1. Nick says:

    Honestly I think that mwvm will still be on top. Hope I’m wrong though.