Most Popular Silber Releases of 2013

So I spent some time making a special sale here at Silber celebrating last year’s victories.  You can get downloads of the ten most popular releases of 2013 or all the new releases of 2013 for just $13.  Spread the word if you can.

Top 10 Most Popular Silber Releases in 2013:

Electric Bird Noise: Desert Jelly
Our biggest release of 2013 including a couple mini-tours to support it.  I should hope it was the most read about!

Goddakk: III
I think this was the first entry in the 5 in 5 series for 2013.  The 5 in 5 series pretty much dominates the charts here, I guess people like the idea of a 5 minute EP?

Northern Valentine: Juno
This came out in 2012 instead of 2013, so I’m a bit surprised that this got this high in the charts.  Maybe the reviews of it came out this year or maybe Bob & company did some pushing for it.  Part of the 5 in 5 series.

Wades: Skyline
I was really excited to get this to come out because it had been several years since Wades had a release, so it did create some buzz even if it was just a five minute EP.

Rllrbll: The White Biscuit
People love Rllrbll, I should know as I’m a person.  While we did put out the digital version of 4 Corners at the end of the year, this five minute EP that led up to the the vinyl release of it did get quite a bit of buzz & sits as the second best seller in the series.

Electric Bird Noise: Icarus City
Electric Bird Noise’s installment of the 5 in 5 series was from 2012, but I imagine that the release of Desert Jelly & the string of shows associated with it boosted some interest in the catalog.

Irata: Vultures
This fine piece of hard rocking sludge is from 2012, but with a bunch of shows over 2013 promoting it there continued to be interest in this EP.

Jamie Barnes: The Fallen Acrobat
Okay, I have no real idea why this is in the charts.  I don’t even really have theories about it.  I mean, I know Jamie’s music is good, but I think Honey from the Ribcage is a stronger record & he hasn’t had a new record in a while.  It’s a mystery.

From Oceans To Autumn: Pareto Analysis Vol. I
This came out at the end of 2012, but it might not have been run through the promotions grinder until January 2013.  It’s pretty epic to take post rock into the 5 songs in 5 minutes realm & it works really well.  The thematic sequel to this (not a five minute EP) should be coming out fairly soon.

Shaun & Zlata Sandor: Band on the Moon
I’m kinda surprised this wasn’t higher up on our list.  This was the best seller in the 5 in 5 series & the story of Shaun & his pre-school daughter doing an album together seems pretty compelling to me.  Hell, not only would I buy it, I’d release it on my label!


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