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Most Popular Silber Releases of 2013

So I spent some time making a special sale here at Silber celebrating last year’s victories.  You can get downloads of the ten most popular releases of 2013 or all the new releases of 2013 for just $13.  Spread …

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Books, Buttons, Small Life Form, Sales, & Dreams

Yesterday I did something I hadn’t done since I was 17.  I sent manuscripts out to a couple publishers for consideration.  Back then the rejection letters were shocking to me & completely destroyed me.  I think now I might take …

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  1. I got my rejection letter in from a publisher & I’m super happy with it.
    “…while I definitely think you can self-publish this and show it to the general public without any fear of embarrassment whatsoever, I also think that this is going to be a tough sell to more commercial small presses like us. The problem is that these pieces feel like little more than half-finished journal entries; and while that’s fine for when you simply want to sell a small amount of copies to your friends and at live events, and when the quality of the actual writing is decent like yours, it’s simply not substantial enough to hold the interest of a complete stranger who knows nothing about you. If you want to continue working in this very short “micro-fiction” format, my suggestion to raise the stakes of what’s being discussed in them, and to make the characters more memorable than they currently are; but my stronger suggestion would be simply to write longer stories, if you don’t mind doing so, because a lot of commercial presses simply aren’t going to be interested in your work at all until it conforms more to the standard minimum length and emotional heft that they usually work with. But that said, I think if you were to write even micro pieces that were more memorable, you could certainly attract the attention of some of the more artistic/cutting-edge small presses, and especially ones that specialize in writing that blurs the line between prose and poetry. “