Getting the grind on

So I officially sent out the solicitations for the “Make Some Noise” cheering compilation.  Planning for it to come out in March.  We’ll see what happens on it.  Trying to get stuff in all sorts of different styles for it & keep it fun.

The other day I hung out with a friend of mine who is a bit of an “energy swapper” where at times she zaps energy out of you & at other times she zaps energy into you & it put me in a space I haven’t been in for a while where I’m pretty excited about Silber possibilities.  It’s interesting how that can happen sometimes.

I went through some open tabs I had on my browser & I found this short from YouTube that some of you might get a kick out of:

If you are like me, as a kid you grew up watching Robotech.  Here’s a pretty cool Robotech fan film from South America:

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m leaving a friend’s apartment with my son Andrew & a couple other kids. It’s only on the second floor, but I choose to take the elevator because I have a certain fondness for elevators. Andrew ops for the stairs. I’m the last to get on the elevator & when I step on it drops six inches. I say, “Stupid breaking down piece of shit,” & jump up in the air. When I land the whole elevator goes crashing down the twenty feet to the bottom of the shaft.

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