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So I haven’t really talked about the Twitter News Robot things I’m running lately (here’s the music & comics page with them & here’s the actual news page with them).  Anyway, I looked at my stats for last week & they autogenerated 7,000 posts for 14,000 clicks.  So I feel like it’s doing some good to some of the sites I like as far as generating traffic even if they haven’t really seemed to have any impact with generating interest in Silber proper.

I posted some open calls about doing interviews for the new issues of QRD on some Facebook groups & got no response.  It makes me feel like Facebook has 100% jumped the shark, which makes it feel like the whole internet may have as well.  In which case, how do I get in touch with people in a cost effective way?

For the bottle comics project I’d originally intended 4 books.  But one of the artists I was hoping to work with won’t be able to do it on my schedule unfortunately.  So I guess I need to decide if that means I go with just 3 books (especially since I only have 3 stories that came to mind!) or go for the fourth.  I guess I’ll worry about it after I finish writing the third one.

In other comic news, I’ve spent most of the past couple of days trying to assemble comics in preparation for the upcoming Maker Faire convention thing.

I got asked to be a guitarist for this 20 guitarist performance thing coming up locally next month.  I couldn’t do it last year because of schedule conflicts, so I look forward to taking part this year.  It’s called Triangle Rhysing (Rhys Chatham reference).

I had bought some spray wood finish stuff for trying to upgrade some of my wooden puzzle boxes.  The reason why I’ve been thinking about that is because I’ve been thinking about doing a Kickstarter campaign to try to sell them & it means I should get more options for selling them than just one thing.

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