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Been a bit of a rough week (lost a couple sleeping periods taking care of my grandmother), but I’ve gotten a bit done anyway.

So the first big news is the two albums from Jon DeRosa under the Dead Leaves Rising moniker are now available for digital download on Silber.  Just five bucks a piece.  The first one is from his senior year in high school, which is kinda crazy.  In related news the new EP that Jon did as a solo disc should be up for sale in a few days.

I went to my buddy Darin’s house & he fixed my music computer (it was some kind of Bios thing as I’d suspected, but I couldn’t get the screen up & he had to do some fooling around to get it to work as well, so I don’t feel too dumb).  So I should be able to get to work on the Remora remix thing & some compilation appearances & this special little EP thing “soon.”  Also afterwards we drank some Silbeer Honey Apple Mead & he said it was the best mead he’d ever had as it wasn’t overly sweet & syrupy like so many are.  Which is possibly because I let it age to become more alcoholic.

I finally did the minor adjustments needed for the Deadpool comic I’m working on with Nick Marino.  Speaking of which my guest writing thing is still going on over at Super Haters.  I kinda realize that I did a story that works better as 30 panels (how I’m used to writing) than broken up into ten sets of 3 panels.  I know there’s a craft to writing things that short (as well as a separate set of tools to writing a novel) that I haven’t developed as of yet.  I need to really get more practice in writing.  Go back to trying to put down a few hundred words a day that no one will ever read.  Wait a minute, I just described this blog!

The other day I was accused of not eating enough food.  It’s true that I have not been eating as much in an attempt to save money.  Anyway I added up the calories & I’m averaging under 1500 calories a day.  No wonder I get so cranky if I miss a meal.  So I think that maybe I need to start drinking mead every day except the honey to make the mead is expensive (basically a pound of honey makes five 12 ounce bottles & a pound of honey generally seems to cost at least $5).  Then there’s the whole thing of needing to take care of my grandmother after drinking not sounding like a super great idea.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in a bank & it’s getting robbed by a bunch of kids wearing Staples uniforms.  Rather than getting on the floor I start making conversation with the one guy who is wearing a t-shirt about some Staples sponsored event rather than a red three button shirt.

I donated my car into a Silber mobile for touring bands.  PD Wilder calls me on the phone to tell me he’s been in a car wreck with it in Atlanta.  What the hell am I supposed to do about that?

I’m walking on an abandoned interstate (presumably after an apocalypse) & there’s a bunch of kitty cats running around.  I want to catch one & take it home, but then I remember I don’t have a home.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    an “ex” of mine had a co-worker who vanished one day and it turned out he was put in the hospital because he ate nothing but Peanut-Butter for the entire year or close to it.