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I got some work done on some comics today doing layout on the scripts to deliver to artists.  So I’m feeling like something good is happening with my idea of pushing up my content creation level.

I moved a bunch …

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  1. Nic says:

    Hey Brian, after my old HD died I installed GSmartControl to determine the health of the new one from time to time. It doesn’t run in the background nor it has any sort of autorun or whatever, so it does not consume system resources.
    It’s also free application (GNU GPL), check it out: http://gsmartcontrol.berlios.de/home/index.php/en/About


  2. I probably should get something like that. To be honest I never really think to scan a drive unless something squirrelly is happening. I suppose I should do it as routine maintenance.

  3. Nic says:

    It doesn’t need any scans to check drive’s health, Brian. It simply reads S.M.A.R.T. data from your HD – just in case, check S.M.A.R.T. on Wikipedia.

    When you open the program, it immediately collect all the info about your HD’s health.
    If you move the mouse over a value it shows a balloon tip with its meaning.
    It can also do drive scans (quick or complete) on demand if something wrong is shown from the S.M.A.R.T. data analysis, but that’s not the program main purpose nor the normal routine.

    It doesn’t even add any registry key to Windows – so you can uninstall it completely without issues.
    It’s a safe application – The only problem I ever heard is about using GSmartControl with Samsung F4 EcoGreen drives (HD204UI, HD204UI/Z4, HD204UI/UZ4, HD155UI, HD155UI/Z4, HD155UI/UZ4):

Catching Up

So I’m starting to catch up on some things with my new machine having a couple of softwares I need on it.  Got about 100 promo emails out today & I need to go through the rest of my inbox …

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Work & Dreams

Trying to work on somethings on my old graphic design computer because it has Word & Excel on it while looking up the information on this netbook web-use-only loaner from my sister.  It works okay for putting in stuff about …

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Dead Leaves Rising, Computers, Mead, Super Haters, Dreams

Been a bit of a rough week (lost a couple sleeping periods taking care of my grandmother), but I’ve gotten a bit done anyway.

So the first big news is the two albums from Jon DeRosa under the Dead Leaves

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    an “ex” of mine had a co-worker who vanished one day and it turned out he was put in the hospital because he ate nothing but Peanut-Butter for the entire year or close to it.

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So here you go, new music from Goddakk & Plumerai available for $5 album download.

In other news Ben Link Collins (former Silber intern) has his first release on his new label Silent Media coming out.  It’s called Coupling & …

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  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    CJBoyd’s argument is a flawed. Nobody sneaks in to sniff his farts nor do they pitch in to buy him bean burritos.

    He isn’t entitled to money to create music, however neither is someone entitled to hear/listen/own/download any of the music he created which is more the issue I think than the fact that a musician feels like a public is obligated to give him money to do so. It’s more that the public feels like it’s their right to hear the music and not the artist’s right to expect some token of gratitude in return.

    I’m not willing to pay for a new Guns n Roses but then i don’t think i really should be able to have the songs for free either. Not really anything to do with a musician’s entitlement any moreso than Charmin expects something in return if i decide to wipe my arse with their product. The worth of music, the practice of commerce those are the topics at play not a musician’s self-worth or ego, those exist independently of the issue.

    • Yeah, there’s definitely a problem with people feeling entitled to free everything here in the first world. & at times it seems like not only do people feel like they should have free music, but should be paid to do the artist the favor of listening to it. Which is perhaps related to the fact that now that everyone is a musician the quality of music has lowered to the point where maybe we should get paid to listen to some of it.

  2. I think there’s a disconnect between consumers of music and makers of music.

    The consumer doesn’t consider all the mundane financial and logistical details of what it takes to get that music to their ears.

    Music costs money to make. Especially music recorded in studios with all the costs that entails.

    Your average listener would never have reason to think about tracking, travel, mixing or mastering costs. Nor should they. They just download and (hopefully) appreciate the result.

    For an artist, posting music as a youtube video or in any other myriad ways available now online costs basically nothing. It’s possible to make and distribute music more or less for free this way now.

    What we’re going to lose though, is music that cost any time and money to make.

    There won’t be a new Black Sabbath, Cure, Bowie, Joy Division, MBV, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Velvets, etc.

    These are all musics that cannot be made, much less performed, by some dude sitting alone at a computer.

    Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing is up to you I guess.

    Anyway, this guy has some good points:


  3. That Collateral Damage series in The Wire is really good. One of the thing that has always been funny to me about The Wire is probably 95% of the musicians they cover don’t sell as many units as the magazine does. Maybe that’s true of Rolling Stone too when I think about it.