REH, Lost Kisses, Twitter, Plumerai, The Outer Limits

I made the PDF versions of the Robert E Howard mini-comic & Lost Kisses #22.  So free reading….
read REH #1
read Lost Kisses #22

I finally got Twitter to accept me importing my address book (which retardedly I needed to export from Thunderbird & import into AOL for them to accept).  So now I am following over 1000 accounts.  One day I will have to go through them to group them to be useful.  But looking through things I am confused how labels I think of as peers have 20,000 followers.

I got a few physical copies of the new Plumerai (the band hand made them) so order one while supplies last.

I did a little bit of work on a Remora track for a compilation.  I have five or six invitations I nee to catch up on after the music computer being down a few weeks.

Here’s a pretty bizarre episode of The Outer Limits.  Think of Franz Kafka & Lovecraft collaborating on a story:

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3 Responses to REH, Lost Kisses, Twitter, Plumerai, The Outer Limits

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    for the record, only the covers were hand screened. the cd’s were replicated in some facility.

  2. Yeah, I guess I should change the description slightly. What was the type of machine you used to print them again?